Network-Level Bridge Deck Evaluations in Wisconsin

Infrasense, through multiple work orders, has conducted Infrared Thermography (IR, per ASTM D4788-03) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR, per ASTM D 6087–08) surveys on 480 decks representing 4.5 million sq. ft. in Wisconsin's SW, NC, NW, NE, and SE regions. All GPR data collection has been carried out at driving speed without lane closures, while the IR data has been collected using a rolling closures. Infrasense has handled all arrangements for the rolling closure, including subcontracting for traffic control and setup and input of closure information into the WisDOT LCS. 

Level 1 evaluations have been carried out for each deck, including determination of estimated deterioration quantities and depths to reinforcement. Tabular summaries of these results have been provided for each work order project.  Decks showing significant deterioration levels have been selected for a more detailed Level 2 evaluation, which resulted in maps showing a plan view of delaminated and deterioration deck areas. In the SW region, data from underside visual evaluations has been incorporated into each deck's evaluation, and the GPR/IR results for each deck were confirmed initially with selective coring and more recently, with non-destructive Impact Echo testing (per ASTM C1383-04).