First Annual Technical Retreat

Infrasense has returned from its first annual technical retreat. After a busy and productive year, we headed up to Bromley, VT for a few days of learning, planning, and fun! The retreat included technical presentations on bridge inspection practices, bridge management, ArcGIS, pavement design, falling weight deflectometer (FWD), advanced GPR methods, and other topics. We also received training on some of our new equipment, including GSSI’s SIR-30 GPR data acquisition system.  Some of the more fruitful discussions were around completed and future projects to improve and prepare ourselves for the next year. It wasn’t all work though, we took some time to go hiking and skiing on Bromley Mountain, despite the subfreezing temperatures. At the end of each day, we would gather to eat some of Ken’s delicious cooking (as shown below). All in all, the retreat was a great way to learn, plan, and recharge for the upcoming year of scanning!