Infrasense is Gearing up for 2016

With the close of an extremely busy and productive 2015, its time to take a few months and rest in preparation for the 2016 season right?  Not so fast...we have spent the better part of January training our staff and improving our equipment, with a few games of ping pong thrown in the mix for the sake of sanity. 

Anticipating an even busier 2016, we went ahead and doubled our GPR data collection ability with a second set of Horn antennas and a next generation data collection unit, the SIR-30. 

Two generations of multi-channel GPR control units

New equipment can only mean one thing…time to start testing and training.  GSSI has come through again with a solid piece of hardware, that will allow us to collect 4 channels of high resolution GPR data simultaneously, while moving at traffic speeds.  The equipment comes with a new set of challenges, and more interestingly, the ability to make improvements to our existing setup.  So break out the power tools, wire cutters and soldering guns…

In-house Testing

With all the projects that we have been working on and finishing up, I have not had a chance to really get my hands dirty and improve our setup and I am excited to say that I have spent a good part of January, planning, implementing and testing our new system and its really starting to come together.  The new unit is a beast, and a very powerful GPR collection tool, taking an already great system (SIR-20) and making improvements to the data quality, the user interface and overall responsiveness. 

Field Testing

Local testing on roads and bridges indicates that we are going to be very happy with the new system.  The next big step is coming up in the next week, actually bringing this beast into the field and collecting data for a client.  We will be heading down to the DC area for a day or so of data collection along interstate 395, giving us a chance to put the SIR-30 through its paces. 

We are looking forward to a very busy and very productive new year full of challenges and adventures. 

See you on the road!