Infrasense Debuts New Website, Logo

The Infrasense team is excited to officially debut our new website and logo!

Our new logo is a simple and stylish representation of the subsurface scanning and mapping services that we offer. It subtly references key elements of both our previous logo and the principles of ground penetrating radar.

Our new website offers a more streamlined experience to visitors. Infrasense is a small engineering firm working with highly specialized tools, and we think it's important that you know just "Who We Are"! We offer a wide range of nondestructive testing services, and visitors can learn about "What We Do" in our primary applications to bridge decks, pavements, utility detection, and research and consulting. While Infrasense is excited about this step forward, we know that our history is just as important, and "Where We've Been" really provides us with the experience and expertise to continue providing clients with top notch service and results.

We hope you enjoy the updates, and look forward to working together in the future!