3 Lessons Learned During My First Year of Fieldwork.

Last February I was hired by Infrasense as a Staff Engineer. Despite it being less than a year later, I feel I’ve learned quite a bit; especially regarding fieldwork. Here are 3 lessons I learned in 2015:

1.     There is no such thing as over planning. A lot of work is done before we even leave the office. In addition to making travel arrangements, it’s important to review the scope of work, identify the location of all project sections/ testing sites, and establish a quality assurance protocol. It’s much easier to plan at the office than in a mountain range in Montana or alongside a sugar beet field in North Dakota.

2.     Safety, safety, safety. Traffic control is one of the more important tools that can be used while collecting highway bridge deck and pavement data. Traffic control alerts drivers and protects our crew. It’s particularly important to ensure you’re on the same page as your traffic control contractor, and have a clear and efficient means of communication.

3.     Ask for help when needed. Coworkers back at the office can be an invaluable resource to help with navigating, identifying data collection settings, troubleshooting equipment issues, and providing quality assurance of field data.


I look forward to continuing to learn in 2016!

by Seth Brewster, Staff Engineer