Infrasense 2015 Fieldwork Photo Gallery

The Infrasense fieldwork season is finally winding down, and it sure was a busy one - between May and October, we scanned over 300 bridge decks and 3000 miles of pavement! As a Project Engineer at Infrasense, I handled a lot of the planning and execution of all that fieldwork. Now that the cold weather, and even snow, has begun to set in across much of the northern US, it seems like the opportune time to settle into the office and reflect on some of my favorite fieldwork memories of 2015. Thanks to my growing photography hobby, I was able to capture some of these moments on my camera, and now I’d like to share them with you!

Hover your cursor over the photo to see where it was taken, and get more information about that particular project.

This summer was challenging, but it was also full of great experiences and rewarding moments. Fieldwork provides some of the best opportunities to learn new things and grow both professionally and personally. I'm happy to be able to share some of these experiences; keep checking in with our Recent News page to see where else we've been, or where the next year will take us!