Condition Assessment of 181 Bridge Decks in Minnesota's Metro, Southeast, and Northeast Regions

Infrasense has surveyed 181 decks throughout Minnesota’s Metro district and Districts 1 and 6 using Infrared Thermography (IR) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), accompanied by underside visual inspections. GPR data was carried out at highway speeds with no disruption to traffic, and IR data was collected using a rolling lane closure. All traffic control was organized by Infrasense.

The results of the GPR and IR evaluations included plan view maps showing delaminated and deteriorated areas, and location and size of proposed deck rehabilitation areas and quantities. An independent 2011 MnDOT study comparing Infrasense's IR and GPR quantities to subsequent construction repair quantities found that, on average, Infrasense’s predicted repair quantities were within 3.5 % of the documented construction quantities.