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What we do 

We have over 28 years of experience ranging from cutting-edge research to state-of-the-art practical application of nondestructive methods to evaluate infrastructure facilities. Our consulting and research experiences include:

• designing and implementing NDE Programs for bridge decks and pavements

• validating different NDE methods and applications through Pilot Studies

• analyzing ground penetrating radar and infrared data collected by clients

• developing custom solutions for unique subsurface evaluation challenges 

• studying and improving methods for NDE of bridge decks and pavements 

What we’ve done

Infrasense has worked with transportation agencies, consultants, and universities throughout the US and Overseas. Examples of this work include:

Collaboration with Australian Affiliate, GPR Imaging Solutions

Infrasense and GPR Imaging Solutions have teamed together on a number of projects evaluating pavement subsurface conditions, including multiple subsurface investigations of the Princes Highway. Learn more... 

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SHRP2 Pavement Delamination Detection Project

Infrasense teamed with NCAT at Auburn University to investigate high speed methods for detecting delaminations and moisture damage in asphalt pavement. Learn more…

Northeastern University/NIST VOTERS Project

Infrasense supported the research team in developing a survey vehicle system to automatically detect and process surface and subsurface roadway defects. Learn more…

Detecting Debonding of Asphalt Overlay from the Leo Frigo Bridge Deck

Infrasense used impact-echo to identify areas of asphalt overlay debonding, which was thought to potentially be caused by the sagging and subsequent repositioning of Pier 22. Learn more…