GPR and FWD Survey of Composite Pavement in CT Route 2 in Hartford, Connecticut (2015)

Infrasense recently carried out a pavement evaluation program for a ~2.8 mile section of Route 2 in East Hartford, Connecticut using a combination of ground penetrating radar (GPR), falling weight deflectometer (FWD), and selective coring. The objectives of this program were as follows:

  • Confirm limits of full-depth asphalt and the composite sections of pavement
  • Determine the thickness of the asphalt over the underlying PCC pavement where it exists
  • Identify locations of slab joints in need of repair
  • Identify locations where the underlying PCC pavement has disintegrated

The GPR data was collected at highway speed and provided a 100% screening of the project area. Conditions detected with GPR were confirmed with targeted FWD testing (load transfer efficiency, void potential) and coring (layer thicknesses, deterioration). In addition to the pavement survey, 14 bridge decks were evaluated to determine AC overlay thickness, rebar depth, and extent of deterioration.