GPR garage deck deterioration map

What we do — capabilities

Infrasense uses Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to scan concrete structures with or without asphalt overlays to detect:

• rebar-level corrosion/delaminations 

• rebar spacing and depth

• asphalt overlay thickness

• slab thickness

• conduit locations

• overlay debonding

GPR can also detect these conditions in concrete elements such as parking garage decks, reinforced walls, piers, and stringers. Validation of the GPR results can be carried out using targeted sounding, impact-echo measurements, or coring. 

What you get — deliverables

Following data collection, an analysis is carried out using our proprietary software systems, which utilize methodologies developed through research, and supported with over 28 years of experience. The final result is a comprehensive NDT inspection report, with concrete conditions quantified and mapped. Results include:

• plan-view condition maps showing subsurface defects

• plan-view concrete cover and overlay contour maps

• CADD-compatible result maps

• quantities of deterioration and delamination

• moisture intrusion maps

parking garage surveyed with GPR

What we’ve done — applications

Spring Street Parking Garage

Infrasense evaluated the condition of the upper parking deck of the Spring Street Garage in Portland, Maine. The evaluation utilized ground penetrating radar to quantify and map deterioration in the concrete slab, which was inaccessible for sounding due to an asphalt overlay. The GPR deterioration map was found to correlate reasonably well with areas of visible distress observed along the underside of the slab. The results of the GPR survey will be used to plan future rehabilitation efforts. Learn more...

Crowne Plaza Syracuse Parking Garage

Infrasense carried out GPR testing to map the location and depth of steel reinforcing bars within a sample section of the garage deck to support the rehabilitation of the parking structure. The analysis resulted in a plan view map that shows the orientation, spacing, and depth of the individual reinforcing bars overlaid on the CAD basemap provided by the client. Learn more...

NY East End Parking Garage

Infrasense used GPR to detect corrosion activity around the post-tension strands and areas of delamination. The results of the analysis was a condition plot showing areas of suspected corrosion and delamination for each prescribed section, presented as an overlay on the plans provided by the client. Additionally, quantities of deterioration for each section were provided in tabular format. 

NY Civic Center Parking Garage

We surveyed 85% of the New York Civic Center parking deck area using ground penetrating radar. Coverage was limited only by the presence of parked vehicles, columns, exhaust and elevator shafts, ramps, and other obstacles. The analysis resulted in a condition map for both the slab and existing overlay, as well as a contour map of the overlay thickness. The GPR results were utilized by the engineering design firm to plan subsequent rehabilitation efforts.