GPR infrared bridge deck condition results

What we do — capabilities

Infrasense uses Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Infrared Thermography (IR), and high resolution video to scan bridge decks at normal driving speeds and detect:

• rebar-level delaminations 

• overlay debonding

• corrosion-induced concrete deterioration

• thickness of asphalt overlays

• concrete cover over rebar

• patching and spalling 

The GPR and IR data is collected according to ASTM 6087-08 and ASTM 4788-03, using state-of-the-art technology, and triggered with a high resolution distance encoder.

What you get — deliverables

Following data collection, an analysis is carried out using our proprietary software systems, which utilize methodologies developed through research, and supported with over 29 years of experience. The final result is a comprehensive NDT inspection report, with deck conditions quantified and mapped. Results include:

• plan-view condition maps showing subsurface and surface defects

• plan-view concrete cover and asphalt overlay contour maps

• CADD-compatible versions of maps

• quantities provided by span, lane, or both

• quantities provided by repair class

What we’ve done — projects

470+ Bridges in Wisconsin

Since 2007, Infrasense has evaluated more than 680 bridge decks using GPR and IR for the Wisconsin DOT. We use a two-level analysis approach to provide WisDOT Maintenance Engineers with economical condition information to support their planning, budgeting, and programming. Learn more…

1.5-Mile Viaduct in Las Vegas, Nevada

Infrasense performed a multi-phase condition evaluation of a 1.5-mile viaduct on I-515 in Las Vegas. Phase 1 of the deck evaluation consisted of high-speed GPR,  infrared thermography, and high-resolution video surveys.  Phase 2 included localized ground-coupled GPR, impact-echo, and drilling to refine the results of phase 1.  Learn more… 

236 Bridges in Montana

We scanned 120 decks in 2013 and 116 decks in 2015, providing level 1 results for planning and budgeting, and level 2 maps on priority decks for rehab programming. Learn more… 

2 Rehabilitated Bridges in New York

Infrasense performed a high-resolution ground-coupled GPR survey on two asphalt overlaid bridge decks on the New York State Thruway. The use of GPR provided significant time and cost savings over the original rehab design methodology, which required extensive nighttime closures to assess the deck using sounding techniques.  Learn more… 

14 Bridges in Florida

We completed a multi-phase condition evaluation of 14 bridge decks in the Jacksonville area using some combination of high speed infrared thermography (IR), ground penetrating radar (GPR), and impact echo.  Learn more…

36 Bridges in Wyoming

Infrasense conducted high-speed GPR, IR, and high-resolution video surveys on 36 bridge decks along I-80 in Wyoming. Results included maps of delamination, deterioration, topside surface distress, and underside surface distress. Learn more…